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Efficient… and beautiful

SeARCH i.c.w. Christian Müller presents a fully energy neutral City Hall for Rotterdam. The design is a homage to the round shape that gives maximum shelter with a minimum of material usage, is efficient… and beautiful. One windmill on the Maasvlakte provides the last bit of electricity necessary for this ‘green heart of the city’. +++ Square, high and angular, synonyms for the city of Rotterdam. What remains is the fact that the special light, the grandness and the tough water add endless much to it. Just as in New York the whole is more than the pieces on its own. An intangible force, the repetition, the apparent insensibility that, on further consideration, hides the inevitable necessity, the total deficiency of ‘unnecessary’ aesthetics finally creates a rhythm for the citizen, a mystical experience that exceeds the perception of beauty. A feeling that other Dutch cities lack and that is what makes Rotterdam unique. +++ Is it possible to unite the wish for a metropolitan city and a wish for a more classic downtown area with human measures, smaller diversity and ‘surprise’? We have renewed the historical, denser structure. The Halvemaanstraat and Trouwsteeg will be re-introduced to create the inner street between the Stadstimmerhuis and the City office. An area is thus created in which not only routes from A to B are made but also connections that make you want to stay, walk around, lounge and generate alternative routes, even stimulate. +++ The design has the highest possible BREEAM score. In the design a CO2 reduction is realized of 59%. By placing one windmill on the Second Maasvlakte, on a hillock of the earth dug out for the basement, the entire energy need can be supplied for thebuilding. The CO2 reduction then even rises to 93%. This creates a fully energy neutral design with an EPC of 0.00. (BM).

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Rotterdam - Zürich
Delftseplein 36 - 3013 AA Rotterdam - The Netherlands - T: [31] [0] 10 213 6763
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Project statistics

Closed competition for the new Rotterdam Municipal Office
OBR Rotterdam
48,800 m2 for public hall, municipal offices, residential, retail and garage
SeARCH in collaboration with Christian Müller Architects, Amsterdam, Rotterdam
Bjarne Mastenbroek, Uda Visser, Christian Müller, Marijn Mees, Kathrin Hanf, Noura Al-Sayeh, Paul Stavert, Louise Bjork, Madhav Kidao, Loci Alvegi, Constanze Lenau, Louis Oliva Andrade, Chun-Kit Chow
 Advisor landscape:
West 8 Urban Design and Landscape Architecture, Rotterdam
Pieters Bouwtechniek, Utrecht
Cost calculation:
PRC Kostenmanagement, Oosterbeek
Schoonderbeek en Partners, Ede
Arcadis/PRC, Amersfoort (BREEAM-assesment)
Deerns Raadgevende Ingenieurs, Rijswijk (Greencalc+)
Werner Sobek Greentech Stuttgart
William McDonough + Partners Nerderland
3d visualization:
Laura Alvarez Architecture, Amsterdam
Made by Mistake, Delft

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