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The interior of the house in Oisterwijk was adapted and Oisterwijk, the Netherlandsd to meet the domestic and representative requirements of the client, an art collector.

 The bathroom is the result of an unusual intervention: the partition wall between master bedroom and bathroom was eliminated. The bathroom became the view of the master bedroom. Looking from the bed, the bathroom seems to be a floor to ceiling high wall painting. Inside the bathroom, the perception of the space is royal. The interior with its striking round corners is fully saturated in colour. Wall, floor and ceiling are rubber coated.

 Following the client's desire of spatial openess– bold image of openness of mind – the bathtub and the shower are always in sight. The bathroom, a stage set for an erotic play between the spectator and the actor.

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Publication Docomomo (PDF)
CMA / Christian Müller Architects
Rotterdam - Zürich
Voorburgstraat 3-5 - 3037 GV Rotterdam - The Netherlands - T: [31] [0] 10 213 6763
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Project statistics

Oisterwijk, the Netherlands
Interior of a private house
Private client
Christian Müller Architects, Rotterdam
with Marieta Reijerkerk, artist, Rotterdam
Ralph Kämena, Den Haag

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