CMA / Christian Müller Architects
Rotterdam - Zürich
Publications by Christian Müller

Christian Müller, "Cairo 2013: In a conceptual struggle", The Architecture Site of the Netherlands, September, 2013

Christian Müller en Jacques Vink, "Bevroren in de tijd", The Architecture Site of the Netherlands, June 2011 (pdf)

Christian Müller, "Cairo 2011: Architecture by the People", The Architecture Site of the Netherlands, March 2011 (pdf)

de Architect 2/2010, Christian Müller, Harmen van de Wal, "Rotterdam Centrum: De normatieve ruimte van City Lounge"
Sdu Uitgevers, Den Haag, February 2010 (pdf)

S&RO 05/2009, Christian Müller, Harmen van de Wal, "De gegijzelde ruimte van Rotterdam"
Nirov, Den Haag, October 2009 (pdf)

de Architect 12/2008, Filip Geerts, "Christian Müller: Vormgeven aan samenwerking"
Sdu Uitgevers, Den Haag, December 2008 (pdf)

Graphic Language, "Christian Müller Architects, Selected Works"
Prototype Editions, Delft, November 2007 (jpg)

ARCHIS 4/2004, Christian Müller, "Ürümqi, China: Stability through resettlement"
Amsterdam, 2004 (pdf)
Voorburgstraat 3-5 - 3037 GV Rotterdam - The Netherlands - T: [31] [0] 10 213 6763

ARCH+ 158/2001, Christian Müller, "Roadside Architektur - On the Edge"
ARCH+ Verlag GmbH, Berlin, 2001

Stefan Hecker, Christian Müller, "Villa E-1027 Roquebrune digitalised"
Modern Movement Heritage, E & FN SPON, London,1998 (pdf)

DOCOMOMO Journal 14/1995, Stefan Hecker, Christian Müller, "A virtual image of modernity"
Docomomo International, Eindhoven, 1995

Stefan Hecker, Christian Müller, "Eileen Gray Works and Projects"
Editorial Gustavo Gili S.A., Barcelona, 1993 (jpg)

archithese 4-91, Stefan Hecker, Christian Müller, "Eileen Gray"
Arthur Niggli Verlag, Heiden, 1991 (jpg)